Most of the time when someone call’s they jump straight into the problem and I don’t always get to open the ticket before doing the work as I always have a million things open and I’m just lazy.

Then I had an idea about what if I just make a simple hook to create a new ticket then straight away.

Easiest way off the top of my head is leveraging a program called AutoHotkey.

So here is what I’ve come up with.

; Open In Chrome as an App
LControl & F11:: Run, chrome.exe --app=

LControl & F11 is the key I have it bound to, so you want that changed you can modify it to whatever you like.
Take a look at the Key List for reference.

If you want to use a different browser here is a few different variations.

; Open In Chrome New Window
LControl & F11:: Run, chrome.exe --new-window

; Open In Chrome
LControl & F11:: Run, chrome.exe

; Open In Default browser
LControl & F11:: Run,

; Open In Internet Explorer browser
LControl & F11:: Run, iexplore.exe

; Open In Edge browser
LControl & F11:: Run, microsoft-edge:

If you don’t want to compile the script yourself, here is a compiled version of the chrome app script that I use.
Just run the file and press Left Ctrl + F11 to open a new ticket.