Currently you can’t use Atera’s Zapier Integration for alerts, but we can setup emails to be fed into Zapier then into Slack.

Sign into your Zapier account and create a new ZAP.

Select Email Parser by Zapier and lets create a new mailbox over at

Generate a new mailbox, copy the address and head on over to your Atera Admin Dashboard.
Under Alerts, paste in your newly generated Zapier mailbox address.


Check on what type of events you want to receive and save the settings as default and to all existing customers.
Here I’m only interested in Critical alerts.

Now we go back to our Zapier Parser window and wait for an alert to be generated.

This is the template I created from the alert email that came through.
Just highlight the info you are after and give the variable a meaningful name and save.
Head back into our Zap and select that mailbox parse we just created, test to make sure everything is ok.

Create a new action, select Slack and select Send Channel Message.
Authenticate to you slack instance, then configure the message format.

This is how I set mine up.
You can change the formatting to whatever you want.

And here is the end result.