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24 JulUninstall GFI Max Script

Here is a quick and dirty little uninstall script for the GFI Max Agent. setlocal enableDelayedExpansion Echo Off echo !DATE!_!TIME! echo…

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22 JulGet Teamviewer ID from CommandLine

A few time TeamViewer has changed ID’s on me. (Not exactly sure why) But if you can get a command prompt…

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21 JulNetwork drops out when connecting with TeamViewer

Recently I’ve had this issue with teamviewer where when I would connect to a machine, network access would just stop for about…

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21 JulFind system uptime tip

Here is an easy way to find the system uptime of a server. net statistics server | find “Statistics since”  

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21 JulCryptoPrevent With AutoUpdate

Another from the archives. Ok Firstly thanks to Mark Berry from MCB Systems for the idea checking the registry. The problem was checking…

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21 JulWindows Firewall keeps Prompting

If you windows install keeps prompting you every time a program wants to access the internet, then chances are it’s your…

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20 JulMax Agent Service Manager

Here is a little tool to help ‘Move things along’ This will resend the DSC for the agent straight away so…

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20 JulCryptoPrevent Deployment Script

So lots of my old posts were lost a while ago in the ‘GREAT TEMPLATE UPDATE OF 2015’ But I’m slowly…

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20 JulScreenshots of iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows and more!

When helping a user with computer problems its relatively easy to get them to run a remote support tool and just…

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19 JulWindows 10: Virtual Desktops

inux has had this built in for quite a while, and it’s something I find myself using more and more. On…

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